Glover's Reef Arrival Notes

On Arrival in Belize

The Belize International Airport (Phillip Goldson International Airport—airport code BZE) is small and easy to navigate.  You will disembark your plane directly onto the airport tarmac and will be directed to the terminal building and Immigration.  After your passport is stamped, you collect your bags and move through the customs area.  The whole process can take up to an hour, but is usually much quicker than that.  After completing your check-in, porters are standing in clear view and are ready to assist you with your bags if you wish, but it is a very short distance to where we meet you.  Please be aware the porters are not employed by the Airport Authority, they can be pushy and they charge $1US for each bag - you are not obligated to use their services.

"I will be arriving into the Belize international airport on the scheduled Day 1 of my Glover's Reef tour."
An Island Expeditions’ representative will be at the International Airport to meet you on Day 1 of your tour.  Meeting arrangements are based on your international flight arrival time as confirmed with our Canadian head office.  After passing through Customs, immediately exit the Airport building to your right and your IE representative will meet you just outside of the doors.  Please be patient as road conditions and late arrivals of international flights may cause delays.  We are aware of all our guests’ flight arrivals however, if our driver has not yet arrived to meet you within fifteen minutes of arrival, please contact our Dangriga office at 522-3328 or 522-0078 to let us know your status and for any rendezvous updates.  Please dial the operator at 115 and request station-to-station collect when calling our Dangriga office.
As trip participants will be arriving on different flights throughout Day 1, we have arranged transport to the Biltmore Plaza Hotel as a pleasant and comfortable place to wait for those who have arrived on earlier flights than other group participants.  On arrival please let the front desk know you are with Island Expeditions and that you are not staying with them that night.  There is a lovely inner courtyard with a restaurant, bar, and swimming pool (so have your swimsuit handy).  Typically, we will have gathered all trip participants by 4-5pm and be heading on our way to the Tropical Education Center. 
1:00-1:30 pm - The first vehicle will depart the International Airport between 1 - 1:30 pm to the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel where you will be able to relax by the pool, have a drink at the outdoor bar, eat a meal, and wait for the rest of the guests to arrive.  If you arrive earlier than this scheduled pick-up and do not want to wait at the airport for the driver, please feel free to take a cab to the Biltmore Hotel.  The approximate cost is $60 BZE ($30US) for a taxi into Belize City from the airport.  Please be sure to call our office in Dangriga and let us know where we will find you.  Please be sensitive to the needs of the hotel as their first priority is for their overnight guests.  On arrival take a moment to say hi at the front desk and let them know you are waiting for an IE vehicle pick-up.  Any questions regarding the trip and scheduled pick-ups should be directed to our office in Dangriga, not the Biltmore front desk.  Departure from the Biltmore Hotel to our first night’s accommodation will be at approximately 4-5pm. 
“I have been looking for flights and all I can find are flights arriving in the evening.”
For those people who have flights arriving later in the day (after 4pm), you will need to arrive into Belize City the day before the scheduled Day 1 meeting day.  This year we have seen some flights arriving into Belize City as late as 7pm.  For those travelers requiring an extra night, we recommend the Belize Biltmore Plaza so we can meet you in the lobby the following day by 4pm.  Please contact our office for assistance with such arrangements.
“I will be arriving into Belize earlier than Day 1” or “I will be arriving into Belize by car”.
Whether traveling independently before your trip or arriving by any port other then the International Airport, please be at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel (Mile 2 ½ Northern Highway, Tel 223-2302) by 4pm or earlier on Day 1 of your tour.  Our representative and vehicle will be arriving from an International Airport pickup sometime between 4-5pm.  It is difficult to give an exact time, so please be patient as late arrivals of international flights may cause delays.  If you are traveling in Belize in advance of your trip we recommend you call our office in Dangriga prior to Day 1 to confirm you have in fact arrived and will be at the Biltmore Hotel on Day 1.
Departure from Belize

You will stay on the cayes for the last night of your trip. The following morning after breakfast, our charter boat will bring you back to the mainland - usually arriving around 12 noon.  On your return to Dangriga the group will be taken to our Operations Base.  Here you can pick up the luggage you did not take with you out to the cayes, change, and then make your connections for further travel in Belize or your international flight home.  Your international flight home can be scheduled for the last day of the trip and cannot depart before 3pm. This is to ensure you have adequate connection time from Dangriga to the International Airport.

Travel note:  For those making connections home on this day, international connections departing Belize should be booked for after 3pm.  In order to connect with your departure on Sunday from Belize you will require a short domestic flight from Dangriga to the International Airport at a cost of $100US per person (Subject to Change).  For those who are unable to find a return flight after 3pm on the departure day, we have Flight & Hotel Packages if you need to spend an extra night in Belize before departing the next day.  Please contact our Canadian office for further details.
Please ensure we are aware of your post trip plans prior to your arrival in Belize.  If you are connecting with a return flight home later in the day, most people will already have made a domestic flight reservation from Dangriga to the Belize International Airport.  Flights take about 20 minutes and depart approximately every 1.5 hours from Dangriga 7am to 5pm daily.  On arrival from the cayes in the morning we will have a vehicle waiting to take you to the Dangriga airstrip.  For those who have a little time to explore the town or are travelling overland to their next destination, our Operations staff can organize a taxi to the local bus depot or airstrip for your further travel arrangements.  We always recommend checking with your fellow travelers to see if you can share a ride to the airport.